We invite practitioners to share their experiences by joining a Case Marathon during the conference

What is the Case Marathon?

This is a practical session that consists only of case reports with further discussion. This is a unique opportunity to share your experience with the ophthalmic community, improve your knowledge and skills in treating eye diseases.

How to participate?

1. You can attend the conference physically and present your case in a physical location on 24-26  May 2023.
2. You can join the conference virtually and present your case from any location in real time on 24-26  May 2023.
3. You can record and send us your presentation in advance, and then join the virtual platform for the discussion.

How to become a Case-speaker?

Submit your abstract online

In the gap “Participation in the conference”, choose CASE-MARATHON

Which case reports are accepted?

1) unexpected course of the disease 2) unexpected association between the disease and symptoms; 3) conclusions giving a new knowledge about the pathogenesis of the disease and adverse effects; 4) unique and rare symptoms of the disease; 5) unique approaches to treatment

Structure of the case:

Background: explain in brief the case’s novelty and why this case should be reported

Case presentation: a brief description of clinical and demographic data of a patient, examination results, diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment outcomes

Conclusions: a brief summary on what clinical impact and implication this case can have