Abstracts must be submitted from January 01, 2022 to May 1, 2022.


  • All responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information contained in the abstracts relies on the authors. The organizing committee reserves the right to select and edit the text work. 
  • According to the regulation “On Academic Ethics and Integrity in SI “The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine” your theses will be checked for the uniqueness of the text, so specifying the list of references is mandatory. Uniqueness of abstract: 80-100%
  • The conference proceedings will be published in a book of Abstracts. The Book of Abstracts has index ISBN, УДК (UDC).
  • One author (or co-author) can submit up to 5 theses


Abstract is submitted as an attached MS WORD document with a .doc/.docx extension. The text should be printed by 14 font Times New Roman with 1.5 interval, should not exceed three A4 pages. If there is an abbreviation in the text, it must be deciphered. 

Abstracts should not contain tables, drawings, graphs.

The text should not indicate the names of medicine; it is possible to use only the active substances.


Title. No more than 15 words in lowercase letters (starting with uppercase) 


Organization (or institution)

City, Country

Text. The text of the abstract must be structured as: Relevance. Purpose. Material and methods. Results. Conclusions.